Tuner de Réémission FM RTX19/1

Le RTX19 / 1 est un récepteur moderne de qualité de diffusion à agilité de fréquence, spécialement conçu pour faire une émission dans la bande de transpondeur en couple avec n’importe quel transmetteur FM standard.

UGS : RTX19/1 Catégorie :

Main features:

– Front panel programmable synthesized local oscillator, with 100/10 kHz programming step, which permits easy, precise and immediate operation on site.
– Complete front-panel or remote programmability of frequency, output levels, de-emphasis time constant, muting level and operating parameters.
– Simple and modular internal construction facilitates stage testing and servicing. No internal tuning is required to vary operating parameters.
– Very good screening and high RF acceptance front-end, with ability to operate in harsh, overcrowded RF environment.
– Double conversion IF, with « pulse count » digital demodulator, yields very low distortion and noise, highly stable against temperature and time.
– Linear MPX output, permits mono or stereo retransmission, without need for any subsequent stereoencoder, filter and pre-emphasis.
– Wide pass-band modulation with phase/level compensated IF filter keeps superior stereo separation and optimum RDS re-broadcast
– Auxiliary wider-band separate monitor output and precisely de-emphasized/filtered mono balanced output.
– Optional high performance digital stepwise stereodecoder. (This option may also be installed as an upgrade on the field)
– Field or condition-driven relay contact for external switchover.
– High efficiency, low-noise switch-mode power supply, with extended 90 ÷ 260 Vac input range and battery backup input with recharging option
– Complete digital control of all internal circuitry and extremely wide monitoring facilities. RS232 port for complete remote control
– Password protection of critical data and presets