DB9000 STC – Codeur Stéréo & RDS

Easy Manageable, Versatile and Reliable

The DB9000-STC is a fully digital, DSP-based Stereo Generator with built-in RDS/RBDS encoder. 

UGS : DB9000-STC Catégorie :

DSP-Based Stereo Generator with RDS/RBDS encoder

It supports TCP/IP and SNMP communication protocols, and allows full integration of RDS/RBDS transmissions with the station’s other network functions, including message streams for digital radio and Webcasting. It also offers an ASCII protocol for broadcasting song/artist information. Thus, the unit can be easily interfaced to various automation systems.

The DB9000-STC is intended to fight the dreaded dead air problem. In case of audio loss, the unit will detect the silence right away and switch directly to the integrated built-in MP3 audio back-up player. The audio files and playlists can be uploaded to the device from your PC via any FTP client.

Developed with the goal of easiness of use, the DB9000-STC can be managed through a standard Web browser, PC, PDA, or other device, which makes it the best choice for professional and consumer use.


Analog audio input
Connector 2 x XLR, Stereo
Type Balanced
Impedance 600Ω or High Impedance
Level +6dBu / +12dBu, user selectable
Sample rate 96 kHz; Build-in sample rate converter used to produce lower sample rates
Dynamic range >100dB
Digital audio input
Connector XLR
Type AES/EBU (IEC 60958)
Resampling Thru build-in sample rate converter
Audio backup
Trigger Audio Silence
Threshold Adjustable, -90dBFs to 0dBFs
Trigger time Adjustable, 5s to 240s
Storage SD Card, up to 2GB
Supported file types *.MP3, *.AAC, *.M4A, *.M3U
Playback modes Alphabetical ascending and descending, Shuffle, Playlist and Shuffled playlist
Remote file management Build-in FTP Server
Stereo Encoder
Type Fully DSP Stereo Encoding
Pre-emphasis 0, 50, 75µs
AGC 5 presets, 2 user defined
Equalizer 3-Band, ±12dB range
Stereo separation >55dB (typically >60dB)
Phase Adjust Pilot, L-R, RDS
Injection Levels Adjust Pilot, RDS
Output Connector BNC, Unbalanced
Output Level Adjust Digitally, up to 0dBu
Composite MPX Limiter 6 presets, 3 user defined
RDS Encoder
Supported RDS Applications PI, PS, Dynamic PS AF, RT, TP, TA, DI, M/S, PIN, PTY, PTYN
Configuration Web Interface
Automation control Remote TCP console
Output Connector BNC, Unbalanced
Output Level Adjust Digitally, up to -6dBu
Phones Audio Output
Connector 1/4″ (6.3mm) Phone Jack, Stereo
Type Headphones
User Interface
Indicators 4 LEDs on front panel, 2 LEDs on rear panel
Web interface Full control and status information
Type TCP/IP to RS-232 Redirector
Connector DB-9, female
Baud rates 9600 to 115200
Password protection Yes
Connector RJ-45
Type Ethernet